Planner Planning

When people say that things happen for a reason, they mean it, well, for the people who keep a journal or a schedule with them mostly. Planning your schedule takes more than just grabbing a note book and a pen and start scribbling your schedule. It takes some effort and a bit of keeness to have a successful planning style. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to help you to choose the best planning style that might be the break through to the promotion you’ve always wanted at work.

Where to start
Most people know how to get their affairs in order but the problem is not a problem when you know where to start when it comes to choosing the best planning style for yourself. Most people get what they need to do up to the smallest detail but they fail to realize they live in the realistic world, eventually the plans end up dying in their dreams. The first thing you should do is getting a realistic strategy, then getting the best of your skill and working on the strategy. So here are some of the things you could start with. Prioritizing, setting your goals, identifying your weaknesses and measuring your progress.

Before you get on with your personal development plan, out your affairs in order. Do not out the least important tasks such as going to the vacation before the most important stuff that involves work. List down all your plans and goals then note down the most important ones. Maybe you want to need a good physique and at the same time you want to transfer from your job. They both seem important but the checkpoint should be whether the choice you prioritize will help improve your personal life or not. You could prioritize the most important task and get it done and immediately get on with the next goal.

Set a deadline
The fact that time flies is clear, when you set a goal and leave it at that the chances of that happening are close to none, either another person will do it for you or they will take the chance and benefit themselves, as I said the chances are close to none. While you are busy getting your goals remember to set a deadline. Keep in mind that without a deadline you will never get it donedone. All the same don’t break yourself by setting a very short time, this will also respawn your goals and plans to the bin.

Recognize your opportunities
Before rushing in and immediately getting a plan, identify your opportunities first. Try getting your plan to workn in favour of the opportunities you have. These opportunities could involve finances, skills that you have, the type of people you know or the amount of energy you have. Keeping the opportunities you have in check with your goals is like getting the from one place to another through the easier way possible. Before getting the plan and goal on the road start by identifying the easiest route.

However despite the amount of effort you put in make sure that you do not get your schedule all tied up and putting your health on the line. Tread carefully to prevent tiring yourself out. Keep in mind that everything should be done one step at a time.



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How having a bullet journal improved my time management

So as a mother of two beautiful young ladies, a hubby to be the closest companion to, a house to clean and a blog to run, I require a framework to arrange my life. I am always attempting new time administration frameworks to perceive what sticks and what functions admirably for me. What’s more, I urge you to do likewise!

I cherish utilizing my post it notes logbook yet I realize that numerous mothers might want a littler rendition of it (more to go ahead that soon!). What’s more, I likewise appreciate utilizing my Google schedule, however, feel restricted to its design now and again. I require something more adaptable.

So I was perusing Pinterest, in the same way as other others, presumably you as well, and I saw experts utilize bullet journaling. I need to try this framework out to help me sort out my blog and life!

What’s more, despite the fact that my web page is centered around helping mothers begin online journals and profit (look at my first salary report here!), I additionally have an enormous concentrate on time administration. In my pre-mom life, I was an Industrial Engineer and anything with “profitability” or ‘time administration’ or “framework” simply get’s me super energized!

It ties in so well with the ideas from Lean I utilized when I was in the corporate world. What is the least difficult arrangement you can use to settle your issue? What is adaptable and cheap so you can emphasize and move forward?


Rather than buying a costly organizer or journal (or a gigantic bit of new gear to fabricate gadgets quicker), you modify the designs as you go (you moonshine an answer out of reform). So they adjust splendidly to your life (or assembling line ;)).

Pull System

The bullet journal is a force framework. Rather than setting up push notices, you, the client, pulls the following errands to do from your journal.


Having a rundown of the considerable number of errands you have to finish gives you an extraordinary representation of your work. The bullet journal fills in as your kanban board. It additionally demonstrates your work in advance and in case you’re going up against excessively. In case you’re progressively an advanced kind of individual, Trello is astonishing for making individual kanban sheets as well!

Take out Waste

Also, the bullet journal removes squander. You’re not investing hours making an authoritative framework trusting it will give you additional time, which is unexpected I think. You’re utilizing a scratch pad and pen to just and compose your life. Also, the greatest way the bullet journal spares you time is through the relocation procedure, where you just move incomplete assignments to the following day if and just on the off chance that they are as yet worth doing. I loved the way this post depicted it as well!

What I adore about this new strategy for journaling is that it is orderly! Furthermore, goodness I adore frameworks.

So now that I’ve entirely persuaded myself, and ideally you as well, that beginning a bullet journal is super lean, I trust you will go along with me on this trip.


Check out this awesome video I found with some more great tips for how to organize your life!



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What is a traditional daily planner?

Many individuals think that it’s hard to meet the desires of their instructors, families, and employments regardless of whether they are a stay at home parent or a los angeles criminal defense attorney. The utilization of everyday organizers and coordinators is one stage in the right heading with regards to finishing fundamental errands. These organizers can be found in a little notepad arrange that can be effectively conveyed to you for the duration of the day. It can be gainful if you figure out how to rely on upon this kind of thing. You will see the achievement you can accomplish inside only a couple days of utilizing one.

Every day organizers ought to be composed in frequently to monitor any forthcoming occasions. The greater part of your assignments, undertakings and due dates ought to be recorded in these books, so you keep in mind to take a shot at anything. You ought to allude to the coordinator a few times for the duration of the day, just to make certain that all that you have to deal with has been finished. An awful thing that can happen is a missed due date due to not checking your organizer.

When you write in your everyday organizer, make sure you are careful. Express the dates, times, and areas for gatherings that you have to go to. Inside and out data ought to be composed on assignments. You would prefer not to allude to the organizer, and after that need to search somewhere else for all the data you require when it can likewise be put away inside your coordinator.

You can utilize day by day organizers and coordinators to monitor various zones throughout your life. If you need to do this all inside one organizer, consider keeping it sorted out well with the goal that you can appropriately recollect what should be finished. Composing with various hued ink for every life range is helpful. For instance, writing in red pen (which symbolizes love) when you are recording a family event, occasion, or errand can help you select these later on. Undertakings identified with work can be in green (which can be actually recollected in light of the fact that it is the shade of cash), while school assignments can be composed in blue (which truly has no connection…but it’s simply one more shading to assist separate all that you have to do).

Make utilization of the considerable number of areas offered in day by day organizers. There is commonly a month to month timetable, and additionally singular pages for the days or weeks. Short depictions can be put on the schedule, and after that, you can develop the thing inside the day or week pages. Locations can likewise be put away inside some day by day organizers and coordinators. This will help you keep contact data on you under all circumstances.

Making objectives and schedule inside your organizer is additionally viable. The primary thought behind this book is simply to remind you not to overlook anything. There are now and then little undertakings we have to do, for example, get drain, keep running by the mail station, or convey a reminder. These exercises may not require a substantial segment of your organizer to recollect that them, however, they can at present be scribbled down in a day by day list, so they are not overlooked.



What is Bullet Journaling?

Bullet journaling is creating a notebook that accommodates a huge variety of planning schemes. Such a journal can be created to create and to do lists. It can also be used as a diary or a brainstorming notepad. The main quality that makes bullet journaling stand out is that entries are made using a system known as rapid logging. This particular system requires the journal to have four components which are; the topics, page numbers, bullets and short sentences. The four components are mainly aimed at making the journal more organized. These components ensure everything is in its right place and therefore it is easily accessible.

The first step in making entries in this kind of journal is selecting a topic. The topic should be on the top outer corner of the page. This topic is usually a short description of the content to be contained in the particular page. The importance of the title is that it helps one be able to know what is contained in different pages of the journal. When one is looking for a certain entry one can just go through the titles since different pages have different titles.

Besides selecting a good and unique title it is also paramount to number all the pages. The numbers help in identifying which entries were made on which date. The numbers also help in arranging the journal in a better manner where one can follow events depending on their page numbers. Most of the times the numbers should be on the lower side of the various pages. Some notebooks might be already numbered which means there will be need to number a again. But if the pages are not numbered it is always advisable to do proper numbering.

After numbering it is important to ensure the entries made are paired with bullet points. The bullets are some of the important components of the bullet journaling because they help differentiate the various entries. The bullets can also be used to put the entries into different categories. For instance; the bullets can be used to identify tasks, notes and events entered on the journal. It is important to use a consistent system of bullet points. This is meant to make sure that one can identify the kind of entries which are usually entered using certain types of bullets. Besides using different types of bullets one can also use signifiers. These are symbols which can be used to differentiate the bullets depending on the entries. The signifiers can also be used to identify the entries which need to be given first priority.

Some of the qualities that make bullet journaling successful include being consistent. This means that one should be making entries on almost a daily basis. The importance of being consistent is that it allows the journal to be organized in a better way. By making regular entries one does not have to skip some pages because there are some days when there were no entries made. When one makes the entries in the right manner it becomes very easy to identify the different entries which in turn allows one to know what to do at different times. Therefore, bullet journaling can be very helpful provided one prepares the journal in the right way.



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What is time management?

Do you find yourself running out of time weekly, daily, even hourly? For many people, it seems that there are simply never enough hours in a day to achieve what is required of them. Many people spend their time doing many activities but they achieve a little from them because they’re not concentrating their effort on the tasks at hand that matter the most.

So, what is time management? It is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools and systems that help you use your time to accomplish what you want and need to achieve.

When you have learned time management skills you will feel as though you have gained control of the outcomes you need to deliver, and taken charge of your environment in general. Instead of being consumed with half completed or never begun tasks and projects, you will be able to begin and complete these with confidence and ease. You will be able to function exceptionally well, even under intense pressure.

To become successful in whatever direction you have chosen or the one in which life takes you, time management skills are essential for effective people. It has been proven time and again that the highest achievers in all spheres of public and private life are those who employ the use of time management skills and techniques.

Below are a few suggested techniques that will help you to manage your time:
Create a list of tasks
At the beginning of each day create a ‘to do’ list for yourself that covers all the tasks that you need to achieve for that day. Assign time to each task or item on the list and stick to it.
Check in with yourself
Time management skills take practice, and that practice includes checking in with yourself on a regular basis during the day to make sure that you are not wasting time that you could be using more effectively on something else.
Delegate tasks
Learn how to delegate tasks that could be done by others so as to free up some time for more important tasks that can be completed by you. This is one of the most critical skills that a successful manager learns to master early on.
Assess what you have achieved

At the end of each day, you should spend at least 10 minutes assessing what you have achieved according to the list you created in the morning. You can use the success rate you have achieved to work towards improving your newfound time management skills.
There are many other methods and tools that you can use to become the master or mistress of your time. Planning, thinking, finding out how others manage their time, enrolling in a time management training course, and using resources such as the internet and published books to read articles on time management will all help you to develop the skills required to become an effective manager of time.

Company’s productivity, from a termite inspection in Orange County to an attorney and more, is directly dependent on the manager’s and employee’s ability to manage time efficiently. Harnessing this critical resource increases both individual output and organizational competitiveness in the business environment.



So we will be delving into these topics quite a bit more but while I’m trying things out and seeing how they work, take a look at this video to introduce you to bullet journaling.