How having a bullet journal improved my time management

So as a mother of two beautiful young ladies, a hubby to be the closest companion to, a house to clean and a blog to run, I require a framework to arrange my life. I am always attempting new time administration frameworks to perceive what sticks and what functions admirably for me. What’s more, I urge you to do likewise!

I cherish utilizing my post it notes logbook yet I realize that numerous mothers might want a littler rendition of it (more to go ahead that soon!). What’s more, I likewise appreciate utilizing my Google schedule, however, feel restricted to its design now and again. I require something more adaptable.

So I was perusing Pinterest, in the same way as other others, presumably you as well, and I saw experts utilize bullet journaling. I need to try this framework out to help me sort out my blog and life!

What’s more, despite the fact that my web page is centered around helping mothers begin online journals and profit (look at my first salary report here!), I additionally have an enormous concentrate on time administration. In my pre-mom life, I was an Industrial Engineer and anything with “profitability” or ‘time administration’ or “framework” simply get’s me super energized!

It ties in so well with the ideas from Lean I utilized when I was in the corporate world. What is the least difficult arrangement you can use to settle your issue? What is adaptable and cheap so you can emphasize and move forward?


Rather than buying a costly organizer or journal (or a gigantic bit of new gear to fabricate gadgets quicker), you modify the designs as you go (you moonshine an answer out of reform). So they adjust splendidly to your life (or assembling line ;)).

Pull System

The bullet journal is a force framework. Rather than setting up push notices, you, the client, pulls the following errands to do from your journal.


Having a rundown of the considerable number of errands you have to finish gives you an extraordinary representation of your work. The bullet journal fills in as your kanban board. It additionally demonstrates your work in advance and in case you’re going up against excessively. In case you’re progressively an advanced kind of individual, Trello is astonishing for making individual kanban sheets as well!

Take out Waste

Also, the bullet journal removes squander. You’re not investing hours making an authoritative framework trusting it will give you additional time, which is unexpected I think. You’re utilizing a scratch pad and pen to just and compose your life. Also, the greatest way the bullet journal spares you time is through the relocation procedure, where you just move incomplete assignments to the following day if and just on the off chance that they are as yet worth doing. I loved the way this post depicted it as well!

What I adore about this new strategy for journaling is that it is orderly! Furthermore, goodness I adore frameworks.

So now that I’ve entirely persuaded myself, and ideally you as well, that beginning a bullet journal is super lean, I trust you will go along with me on this trip.


Check out this awesome video I found with some more great tips for how to organize your life!



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