What is Bullet Journaling?

Bullet journaling is creating a notebook that accommodates a huge variety of planning schemes. Such a journal can be created to create and to do lists. It can also be used as a diary or a brainstorming notepad. The main quality that makes bullet journaling stand out is that entries are made using a system known as rapid logging. This particular system requires the journal to have four components which are; the topics, page numbers, bullets and short sentences. The four components are mainly aimed at making the journal more organized. These components ensure everything is in its right place and therefore it is easily accessible.

The first step in making entries in this kind of journal is selecting a topic. The topic should be on the top outer corner of the page. This topic is usually a short description of the content to be contained in the particular page. The importance of the title is that it helps one be able to know what is contained in different pages of the journal. When one is looking for a certain entry one can just go through the titles since different pages have different titles.

Besides selecting a good and unique title it is also paramount to number all the pages. The numbers help in identifying which entries were made on which date. The numbers also help in arranging the journal in a better manner where one can follow events depending on their page numbers. Most of the times the numbers should be on the lower side of the various pages. Some notebooks might be already numbered which means there will be need to number a again. But if the pages are not numbered it is always advisable to do proper numbering.

After numbering it is important to ensure the entries made are paired with bullet points. The bullets are some of the important components of the bullet journaling because they help differentiate the various entries. The bullets can also be used to put the entries into different categories. For instance; the bullets can be used to identify tasks, notes and events entered on the journal. It is important to use a consistent system of bullet points. This is meant to make sure that one can identify the kind of entries which are usually entered using certain types of bullets. Besides using different types of bullets one can also use signifiers. These are symbols which can be used to differentiate the bullets depending on the entries. The signifiers can also be used to identify the entries which need to be given first priority.

Some of the qualities that make bullet journaling successful include being consistent. This means that one should be making entries on almost a daily basis. The importance of being consistent is that it allows the journal to be organized in a better way. By making regular entries one does not have to skip some pages because there are some days when there were no entries made. When one makes the entries in the right manner it becomes very easy to identify the different entries which in turn allows one to know what to do at different times. Therefore, bullet journaling can be very helpful provided one prepares the journal in the right way.



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